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Factory Address: No.26, Zhujiang Road, Xinwu district,Wuxi, China

Office Address: No.A2001,813#Yinxiu Road, Binhu District, Wuxi, China,Post Code:214000

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Nice Gumbase Co is a subsidiary of Nicewell Group. It’s an integrated manufacturing company dedicated to the research&development, production and distribution of Gum base. At present, more than 260 different models of gum base are sold to more than 50 countries in the world, as Russia, Japan, Turkey, Argentina, Ethiopia, India,Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Canada, Algeria.....And, we always develop more better or fitter gum base for our clients to improve their quality forever.

If the pictures on our webpage offend the interests of any third party, please tell me by email, and we will immediately rectify.

Gum base
Gum Base is a non-nutritive masticate substance (US FDA, “Code of Federal Regulation”). It is an inert and insoluble non-nutritive product used as a support for the edible and soluble portion of the chewing gum (sugar, glucose, gum base and flavors). The general description “Gum Base”, used on chewing gum products throughout the world, is recognized by The Food Chemicals Codex and most national legislation.

Gumbase Features&Advantages

1. 260 different types of gum base for various selection to satisfy customers’ different requirement.

2. Our gum base is soft, smooth, easy to blow bubble, good elasticity.

3. Our gum base suitable for different temperatures. Hot environment resistant without deformation, cold conditions resistant without broken.

4. 24 hours x 365 days service is available.

Our advantages

We're a manufacturer of gum base since the year 2005, now we have become a model in the gum base industry. We provide more than 260 different types of high quality gum base to the confectionery industry. Our company specialized in R&D of gum base candies, we're willing to make changes for better mouth-feel. Our aim is to provide quality products and technological support to our clients all over the world.

Our R&D

Our R&D support for chewing gum formulation and support for chewing gum production technology. We can help our clients in developing their products, designing any specific gum base and assist them in gum formulation to deliver at best what they are looking for. In our cutting edge laboratory, we bring together various partners to study, test, and scale breakthrough tailor made solutions to achieve what a more and more demanding market needs to satisfy final consumers. 


Gum base pure and free of impurities by using of filter


Production show




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